Surfing Paddling Technique Mastery Surf Trip Experience

Private Camp, Asu Island, Indonesia

March 30 - April 6, 2019

8 days, 7 nights

Additional travel dates may include overnight stay in Medan on inbound if necessary

Catch More Waves, With Less Effort

This Mastery Trip covers both Level 1 and Level 2 Surfing Paddling Academy courses.

Learn how to paddle more efficiently, how to paddle faster, and how to prevent injury in Level 1. Learn optimal positioning and timing to catch a wave and effective sprint technique in Level 2. All while surfing world class barreling waves.

This is an Intermediate / Advanced Surf Trip (surfing level, not paddling level) - if you aren't sure, contact Rob to discuss further

Very Limited Space Available

About the Surf Trip

This trip covers Surfing Paddling Academy Level 1 and Level 2. Learn efficient and effective paddling techniques so you can catch more waves, with less effort while surfing world class barreling waves. In the Level 1 course, you’ll get an analysis of your own paddling stroke on video and learn drills to enhance efficiency and speed. In addition, learn how to prevent injury to your shoulders, or to fix shoulder issues you’re having now through proper technique.  In Level 2, participants will advance to sprint paddling, positioning and timing concepts and practice.

Price $2,950 USD

What's included:

  • Daily personalized paddling technique coaching and stroke analysis
  • Video recordings with commentary reminders of what was discussed
  • Side-by-side video recording of their own stroke analysis with commentary
  • Complete overview of Surfing Paddling Academy Techniques
  • Muscle Memory Retention System drills and practice
  • Annual Access to the Surfing Paddling Academy Online course (which has all of the drills and lessons for continued learning and practice)
  • Three delicious meals a day of Indo and Western variety
  • Fresh fruit, snacks, water, coffee and tea
  • Lodging at Asu Camp - the only place on the island with a view of the wave and sunset
  • Access to the wave at Asu (world class left), plus 9 other different waves (6 rights, 3 lefts) in the area using the speedboat - our goal is to surf where it's offshore and firing!
  • Top quality spring mattress, fan for each bed, generator electricity 24 hrs a day, laundry service, hot water showers, high speed internet and wi-fi.
  • Organized transportation from Nias airport to Asu Island upon arrival as well as on departure. Consists of a drive across Nias (~2.5 hrs) to Sirombu and then a 30 minute speedboat drive across to Asu Island.

What is NOT included:

  • Travel costs not included in the above which may include:
  • Overnight stay in Medan (if required)
  • Flights to/from Medan and Nias
  • Transportation on Medan (if required)
  • Travel Insurance (highly recommended) for trip cancellation, interruption, and/or medical evacuation
  • Massages, ding repair, souvenirs, videography and photography (other than paddling analysis) are all available for purchase on the island.


The schedule, for the most part, is based on when and where the best surf conditions will be. Loosely, our week will consist of:

Initial recordings of Surfers’ baseline stroke

Paddling Technique Theory Overview

Applied Learning while SURFING

Group discussion and analysis by the instructor

Drills are introduced based on the technique being discussed

Group drill practice

Positioning, Timing, and Sprint Technique complete Overview

Individual personalized coaching (Level 1 and Level 2)

Each surfer’s stroke is re-recorded

Day 1 (March 30):

Arrive on Asu (various times)

SURF or relax

WELCOME DINNER that evening (where we'll review the rest of the week's plans)

What to Bring

  • A mind ready to learn proven surfing paddling techniques and to have fun!
  • Surfboards, fins, leashes
  • Sunscreen, Hat, Rash guard, reef booties (recommended but optional)
  • Indonesian Rupiah - for any additional purchases while on the island (see above)
  • Feel free to contact me directly to ask about anything else you might want to bring

Logistics Details - to help you plan your travel

GET TO NIAS and we'll take it from there!

Use to book your flight from Medan, Indonesia to Gunungsitoli (Binaka airport). See flight times to the right.

Flight times from Medan to Nias (Gunungsitoli):

Sat March 30: 7:00, 7:30, 8:55, 10:15, 11:40, 13:15, 14:25

IF you cannot connect before the 14:25 connecting flight on Sat March 30, you will have to stay the night in Medan the night before (March 29). Use to book a hotel at either the Crew Hotel, Wings Hotel, or Thongs Hotel (all 10 minutes from the airport). Contact the hotel to arrange transportation to and from the hotel.

Departure information: on April 6, choose a flight leaving Nias AFTER 11:00am. Remember, there is a speedboat ride and car ride across the island to get to the airport. Currently, possible departure times are 13:00, 14:35, and 14:45 from Nias to Medan. See more at

World Class Surfing Paddling Experience

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